Engineering, Construction & Building Materials

The construction and building materials sector is becoming increasingly important in the global search for climate-friendly resources. Energy-efficient buildings and optimized infrastructure have the potential to make a significant contribution to achieving national and international climate goals. Evidence shows that buildings are responsible for more energy-related CO2 emissions than the entire global transportation sector. With this in mind, it is vital to develop sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of the construction industry.

International crises and the global pandemic have shown companies the vulnerability of their own supply chains. In addition, new regulatory requirements and a heightened global environmental consciousness necessitate questioning the efficiency of various resources and identifying new trends at an early stage. Advances in the development of new materials, such as Green Cement, can improve the CO2 balance. Furthermore, digital solutions like Digital Twins and Building Information Modeling (BIM) offer the opportunity to optimize outcomes and processes in the construction industry.

As research experts, we assist our clients in identifying problems and opportunities early on by addressing a variety of questions, such as:

  • What is the current involvement of green materials among major construction companies?
  • How do legal regulations vary across specific countries? Which materials are authorized for use?
  • What are the key trends in digitalization?
  • Which technologies are currently in use and which ones need further development?
  • How is the global and local market evolving? Are there any shortages of skilled workers and which companies are expanding?

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