Travel & Tourism

Intense competition, increasingly dynamic customer behavior, and advancing digitalization are impacting the travel and tourism industry markets. In order to remain successful or even benefit from changing conditions, it is crucial for companies to continuously optimize and adapt their business models and ways of working flexibly. New digital and analytical need to be integrated, and internal processes and capabilities must be established sustainably in order to be well-prepared for the future and to continue meeting customer needs.

Companies in the travel and tourism industry have been under immense pressure to evolve, not only since the corona pandemic. Prior to that, the rise of low-cost airlines and the increasing availability of online travel agencies (OTAs) had already changed the booking behavior of travelers and strongly influenced their expectations regarding availability, price and service. A decrease in customer loyalty is also noticeable. In addition, sustainable travel will play an increasingly important role in the future. In view of the various challenges faced by the industry, our team addresses topics such as destination management, the hospitality sector, cruise tourism, airlines, or travel technology providers.

We are addressing questions such as:

  • How has the demand of destination management companies developed in recent years?
  • How can airlines optimize operational costs while becoming more environmentally friendly?
  • How do digitization and changing customer needs affect the travel industry?
  • What changes in demand for different types of travel, destinations, and experiences of travel are currently being observed?
  • Which technologies and platforms can tour operators utilize to streamline their business processes making them more efficient?

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