Chemicals & Agriculture

The chemical industry is vital for today’s society and global economy, providing a wide range of products that are integral to our daily lives. From crop protection to food ingredients, personal care formulations to pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubbers, paints and coatings to high-tech materials, chemicals play a crucial role in many sectors. They enable advancements in agriculture, healthcare, transportation, construction, electronics, and more, enhancing our quality of life and driving economic development.

At the same time, chemical production is very resource-intensive, requiring significant amounts of energy, water, and raw materials such as petroleum and natural gas. The industry faces increasing pressure to reduce emissions, minimize waste, promote circular economy principles, and develop environmentally friendly products and processes. We provide clients with on-demand assistance across the entire value chain.

As experts in the field of research, we address critical inquiries from our clients, such as:

  • How can the chemical industry navigate the increasing regulatory landscape effectively?
  • What ESG targets have petrochemical companies committed to?
  • Which renewable alternatives to fossil raw materials are being studied, developed, and commercialized?
  • How big is the market for biofuels?
  • How can the chemical industry ensure supply chain resilience and mitigate risks?
  • How can digitalization and artificial intelligence help the industry to stay competitive?

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