Automotive & New Mobility

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world, producing about 90 million vehicles and generating about three percent of global GDP per year. As one of the largest clients of other industries such as steel, chemicals and electronics, the automotive industry has a significant impact on several economic sectors. At the same time, the transportation industry, intricately linked to the automotive sector, ranks among the foremost contributors to global CO2 emissions. The shift to electric vehicles and other alternative propulsion systems is expected to substantially reduce this impact in the coming years.

In addition to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the automotive industry also includes highly specialized suppliers of various types of parts as well as developers of software solutions for vehicles. Currently, the trend of connected, shared, electric and autonomous modes of transport, called “New Mobility”, drives the industry. These transformations are expected to strongly improve transportation efficiency and reduce both emissions and car ownership.

We support our clients with ad-hoc research and studies addressing a wide variety of pressing questions within the industry, for example:

  • What are electrification targets of the major OEMs?
  • What advances are being made in the development of autonomous driving?
  • To what extent can new mobility offerings reduce emissions and car ownership?
  • What micromobility solutions are available? Where are these offered and by whom?
  • Which supplier provides which kind of electric vehicle batteries to which OEM? Which OEMs produce which batteries inhouse and at which locations?
  • What subsidies are offered for the production or purchase of electric vehicles?
  • Where are the largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure networks?

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