Life Sciences

With its therapeutic innovations, the life sciences industry has the potential to change the quality of life of many people. At the same time, companies in the industry must adapt to changing conditions and trends in the market and competition. Ever-increasing regulatory requirements, new rules regarding sustainability, high pressure to innovate and price, the entry of new competitors and the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence are just some of the topics that have an impact on companies.

KnowledgeAgent supports customers with challenges and information needs that arise from these trends. Our offering covers the sector along the value chain – from (pre-)clinical development through product approval to the production and distribution of a medication, medical device or a digital solution. Our target group are companies in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, CRO/CDMO, medical technology and financial investors with a focus on life sciences.

We answer these questions for you! In our Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice, we investigate questions for our life science customers on topics such as:

  • Which oncological indications have the most “unmet needs”?
  • How are the demographic and macroeconomic indicators relevant to the medical technology sector developing?
  • We want to move into a new therapeutic area. What are our competitors doing in this area?
  • What treatments are currently on the market or in the clinical pipeline?
  • Which companies would be candidates for a strategic collaboration or an M&A deal?
  • What are the future trends and which technologies will determine the market in the next few years?

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