Paper, Forest Products & Packaging

Paper and forest products have always been integral to our daily lives, whether as office supplies, personal care products, or furnishings. Specifically, the packaging industry is currently experiencing disruptive changes throughout its value chain, from sourcing raw materials to developing sustainable packaging solutions. In recent years, fluctuating commodity prices resulting from macroeconomic crises and changing consumer preferences towards sustainable products have further expedited these transformations.

In the face of these disruptive changes, many business models need to be reassessed for their future viability. To do so, they must recognize trends like the circular economy and digitization early on to adapt processes and make informed decisions. While digitization is replacing paper in many sectors, pulp-based materials are simultaneously gaining significance for the circular economy. This trend is substantiated by the increasing appetite for environmentally-friendly food packaging and state-of-the-art recycling technologies.

As research experts, we tackle critical inquiries from our clients, including:

  • What novel niche markets can companies in the industry explore?
  • What advancements exist in pulp-based packaging with sought-after qualities like heat resistance? What ongoing developments are there?
  • How does fiber-based packaging production measure up to plastics regarding significant environmental criteria?
  • What is the current state of Smart Packaging trends and which companies have already introduced their products?
  • Which businesses hold a dominant position in particular regions, and do they have sufficient forestry inventory to meet future demands?

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