Strategic Analysis & Studies

Staying one step ahead of the competition demands strategic action. At KnowledgeAgent, we support you with the information and research you need. By generating tailor-made market and competitor analyses and identifying trends, summarized in detailed market studies, we enable you to make strategic decisions.

Strategic Competitor Analysis

Are you informed about your competitors‘ strategies? Our detailed analyses reveal how your competition plans to grow and deliver information with which you can derive your corporate strategy.

Competitor and Market Monitoring

Stay informed about the strategic moves of your competitors and important market developments. We collect and summarize the most relevant announcements and allow you to react early to opportunities and threats.

Market Potential Analysis

A market potential analysis allows you to identify growth opportunities and risks in your markets. KnowledgeAgent helps you to raise your potential.

Market Entry Analysis

A market entry or location analysis goes beyond a potential analysis and examines not only the market and its competition but also the macroeconomic environment.

Analysis of Disruptive Business Models

KnowledgeAgent regularly analyses new digitalization concepts as well as the decentralization of markets in order to determine their impact to your business model.


Monitoring over time generates new expertise. KnowledgeAgent takes over the periodic updating of analyses so you never miss an important development.

Macroeconomic Monitoring

Our macroeconomic monitoring helps you keep track of current developments in your industry. Most importantly, it helps you build resilience to economic changes and better prepare for future challenges.


How does your company compare against your competitors in terms of sustainability? And which areas are worth investing in? Our team addresses sustainability issues across all industries and assists you in developing and refining your own strategy.

Strategic Foresight

KnowledgeAgent helps you capture trends in your target markets, identify growth potential, and analyze new markets. With our help, you stay one step ahead of your competition.

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