Heavy Machinery / Construction and Agricultural Equipment

The heavy equipment industry, encompassing the construction equipment and agricultural equipment markets, has a significant economic impact, with global market sizes of USD 130 bn and USD 145 bn, respectively. These industries play a crucial role in meeting the essential needs of individuals by providing buildings and food. However, the use of this machinery contributes to emissions, prompting equipment manufacturers to reduce the equipment’s’ environmental footprint through electrification and other alternative propulsion systems.

Construction equipment comprises a wide range of machinery, including excavators, loaders, dozers, and construction-specific trucks. Main agricultural equipment machines such as tractors, soil working and fertilising machinery, balers, and transport equipment execute a variety of specific tasks. The heavy equipment industry is driven by the major trends electrification, autonomous operation, digitization (connectivity, analytics, telematics, remote diagnostics), and supply chain management.

We support our clients with research in key industry-specific topics, including:

  • Which OEM offers which type of electric equipment? Which further developments can be expected?
  • When will fully autonomous operation of different construction and agricultural machinery be possible? Which benefits will this provide?
  • How will agriculture drones revolutionize farming?
  • Which connectivity features do construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers currently offer? Which further features are planned?
  • How can analytics, artificial intelligence, and other technologies be used to improve construction and agricultural machinery performance?
  • How do construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers manage global supply chain disruptions?

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