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Knowledge Connect Portal

Knowledge Connect combines internal and external information in one central location and functions as a database of knowledge for all departments of your organization.


Upon request

KnowledgeAgent designs and implements your individualized Knowledge Connect portal. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to create a tailored solution, including custom dashboards, user groups and individualized categories. By assigning information to certain categories, topics and user groups, our customers can determine what they see. Upon request, KnowledgeAgent can fill the portal with information and continuously update the content with different content modules.

We provide these advantages

  • Fast implementation with the option to augment with additional dashboards and content
  • Active content management through enrichment of internal data with external information
  • Implementation of a organization-wide knowledge database with group-based permissions architecture and targetet distribution of information
  • Mobile access to the portal through iOS and Android app with chat-function
  • Productive collaboration: users can upload, comment or augment information with charts, files and links
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